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Result of a public investment experiment

Result of a public investment experiment – profitability grows +5%

Goal of investment experiment

As we mentioned before (link on Russian language),  the main expertise of our Company is an options trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ markets.  Not so long ago, 21 June 2021, we launched the public investment experiment.  We prefer the Iron Condor trading strategy on the flat market and Vertical Spread on the tranding market. Both are at the list of top-10 classical option strategies. The know-how of our team is in analytical methods of selection of basic assets of option orders. We consistently did 8-10% monthly on our working capital. This made it easy for us to payout out our investors the unprecedented annual fee of 17-25%  in Premium investment package  by agreements with individual conditions.

However, we decided to improve our achievements. Our analyst team suggested some enhencement of our trading strategy the essence of which is as follows: the exit from an investment position at the point of reaching half of the potential profit allows, on the one hand, to accelerate the turnover of investment capital, and on the other hand, it reduces the likelihood of the price going beyond the selected range. And this probability, as practice shows, rises sharply when crossing this median point.

The goal of investment experiment was to increase profitability of trading strategy on 2-3%, to 10-12% monthly and reach out the investment portfolio growth rate of 140% per annum. Continue reading “Result of a public investment experiment”

Investment positions: CWEB & PAAS

Investment positions

We publish investment positions of Universum Credit LLC. Two months ago, at 21.06.2021 we showed our investment positions at first, in our telegram group @universum1. The goal of public trial-trip was a testing of new strategy of our Company. The budget of experiment was established at amount of 25 000 USD. As soon as we reached our planned goal, we had increased the budget in almost ten times. Today we publically invest amount of 200 000 USD. In the next article we will summarize the past results.

Investment position NYSE (NYSEARCA): CWEB

SOLD -100 CWEB 100 17 SEP 21 32 CALL @.05

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