About us


Our goals are to attract investors' capital for trust management, to increase the Company's profitability due to attracted working capital, to build long-term business relations with you.


We are an investment company. We offer investment management services. Our clients are investors who want to increase their capital. Our investment strategy in the NYSE & NASDAQ markets allows investors to obtain unprecedented high returns on conservative investments. In the future, our Company will become a public investment bank and will be included in the Fortune 500 list.

Keys to success

  • high profitability for investors
  • proven professionalism
  • legality and legal purity of transactions
  • unique technologies inaccessible to competitors
  • strong management capable of solving non-trivial tasks


We offer following primary services:

  • trust management: investment packages with a fixed yield of 15-25% per annum in EUR
  • trust management: investment packages with a floating rate and equal partnership on invested capital conditions
  • transactions: purchase of American blue chips on the NYSE and NASDAQ markets in the interests of the client with deposit custody in the sub-brokerage account of the Company
  • for professional traders: a unique service and Company's know-how of opening brokerage accounts in TD Ameritrade for individuals and legal entities
  • business loans: for small sized companies

We offer following secondary services:

  • consulting: business development for startups
  • consulting: optimization and minimization of taxes for international businesses
  • gold bars: sale of gold bars with door-to-door delivery in the countries of the European Union
  • angel investments: for IT software and hardware projects
  • legal: registration of business entities and remote opening of bank accounts


Our investment strategy is delta neutral trading. Stock trading strategies are often known when stocks rise and fall. It is not always easy to determine, and the cornerstone of a stock trading strategy is predicting which direction the stock price will move. Options trading presents a variety of strategies that allow traders to profit from the movement of a stock without guessing the direction in which it will move. Traders can bet on volatility, which is a measure of how actively the price of a stock is moving in any direction. This allows traders to take advantage of high-leverage events as a stock prepares for a big move without even knowing the exact outcome of the event - if there is positive or negative news for the company. By using delta-neutral trading strategies, traders can profit from this volatility - or lack thereof.


Public legal documents: