Universum Credit LLC Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers!

Due to Stripe rules and regulations, we have to publish following information on our web site:

Complete description of services offered

Universum Credit LLC is the following services provider (Services):

  • consulting services, including legal and business consulting
  • marketing research services
  • business development assistance
  • sub-broker accounts and management
  • business management services
  • business mediatory services
  • property management

Universum Credit LLC doesn’t provide any financial services including money services, investment services or advisory services.

Transaction currency

Transaction currency is USD

Customer service contact details (phone, email, address)

You can reach us by following contacts:

Email: info@universum.credit

Phone: +380671229157

Phone: +19292351379

Address: 530-B Harkle Road, STE 100, Santa Fe, NM, 87505, USA 

Return/refund and shipping policies

We don’t shipping physical goods. There are no refunds as soon as the services were paid. You agree to get services «as is».

Legal or export restrictions

We don’t do business with residents and/or citizens and/or business entities of the countries listed in USA Sanctions list. All payments from this countries will be blocked and frozen until changes in USA laws and restrictions. All services paid by frozen transactions will be provided by a good will of Universum Credit LLC after the resumption.

Consumer data privacy policy

Using our services and paying on our web-site you agree with our privacy policy.

Terms and conditions of any promotions

We will update this page in this section as soon as any promotions will be available.

Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details

Using our services and paying out our web-site you agree with following.