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Money rules the world, we rule money

We publish our investment positions from 06/21/2021 in real-time in our Telegram chat @universum1. From 08/30/2021 we are publishing this information in reverse chronological order also on this website. Public reports are generated from previously submitted investment positions published in real-time.
More information about public investment experiment can be found at this link

Public report 22-Jun-2021 - 30-Jul-2021 | Profit Factor: 2.14 | Profitability: 15.73%

Public report 01-Aug-2021 - 28-Sep-2021 | Profit Factor: 1.43 | Profitability: 12.06%

Public report 29-Sept-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 | Profit Factor (per month, 6 month Avg): 1.79 | Profitability (per month, 6 month Avg): 7.28%